hole in floor

You’d think it would easy to put a hole in a floor of a building, but it isn’t. The building code (here I’m talking about the International Building Code, or IBC, latest 2009 version) is organized so that code enforcement people can check whether plans for buildings are in compliance with the code, rather than being organized so that architects can figure out what is or is not possible.

image of hole in floor

image of hole in floor

I made a calculator to help designers figure out whether their proposed holes, connecting two or more floors in a building, are in compliance with the 2009 IBC (similar to earlier versions). I also provide a more detailed discussion of the logic behind making such holes, with an invitation for those more expert than myself to clarify some puzzling code issues.

One thought on “hole in floor

  1. student

    Mr. ochshorn,

    thank you so much for the piece on holes in floors. I’m doing an academic project and have been looking everywhere for some discussion on holes in slabs.

    It seems the rules are very restrictive. I’m placing an atrium that will link 3 floors(2 floors will have holes with a skylight above the uppermost floor(penthouse roof).I might have to use the rules for malls, it seems.

    with gratitude,

    student at another school.


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