Happy birthday to me (When I’m Sixty-Four)

When those of us born in 1952 turned 15 (or were about to turn 15) and the Beatles released Sgt. Pepper (including McCartney’s “When I’m Sixty-Four”), actually being 64 was just an incomprehensible abstraction. Well times change: here’s my live cover of the classic song (with background vocals, bass, drums, and organ added) that I’ve just posted on YouTube to celebrate my 64th birthday.

3 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me (When I’m Sixty-Four)

  1. Jeff Bernstein

    Hi Jon,
    We’ve been on a major house purge of 35 years of accumulated stuff. I just came across an autograph album from Trinity School graduation (didn’t see that on your cv) and read your message. Though I knew u were smart this was nonetheless ridiculously mature for a 6th grader:”Good luck in 7th grade and in all the years to come”. Naturally I googled and there was your amazing, accomplished life. Congrats on it all especially the music! Great cover on 64; after hearing that I’m removing it from my repertoire.
    BTW: I was also at MIT 75-76 and 2/3 of my kids graduated Cornell. One is a land use atty in nyc. Best wishes in all the years come!
    And hi to Jess slots: Billy has an entry in the album! Jeff Bernstein

    1. jonochshorn Post author

      As it turns out, I’ve kept my Trinity School autograph book, and this is what you wrote in it: “Dear Johnny, A friend in need is a friend indeed. Your enemy, Jeff Bernstein.” But no hard feelings.


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