Count Me Out

I’ve finally written a new song, called “Count Me Out”!

Thanks to brother Kurt for advice on the arrangement and mix; and to daughter Jennie for additional background vocals. I made the video using Final Cut Pro, with my iPhone either mounted on my bicycle seat (for the moving view of 6-mile Creek taken from Giles Street in Ithaca, NY) or on a tripod in front of my portable green screen. The dancer and the bit of smoke at the end of the video were found with an internet search for free downloadable green-screen-enabled clips; they are credited at the end of the video. The drummer is me in front of a black background from a 2011 video I had made for an earlier song; because I was wearing a black cap, the cap disappeared into the black chroma key void, so I added in an image of a hat worn by Neil Peart, the late drummer/singer for Rush, also found on the internet.

I play all instruments and sing the vocals and background vocals (with added background vocals provided by daughter Jennie). Except for the electric guitars, all other “software” instruments, including drums, bass, piano, strings, and synth, are played on my MIDI keyboard. I mixed the song using Logic Pro X.

Count Me Out
Words and music © Jonathan Ochshorn 2023

1. Count me out I don’t need those pointless invitations
Tell your friends I can’t be bothered with their vapid conversations
Whatever I told you just print it out and shred it
It don’t prove a thing I’ll deny I ever said it
Tell it to your lawyers they’ll bill you on your credit or debit card
Life is hard
Count me out

2. Ah cause you don’t need me hanging out with you
There must be lots of people that you know with nothing else to do
What about Dmitry just wake him from his trance
I know if you call him he’ll jump at the chance
And if you determine that your circumstance is unfair
I don’t care
Count me out, count me out, count me out

[Bridge] Me, I had enough for one night
In fact, I had enough for one life
I don’t want to discuss it no more
I don’t need this strife

Instrumental half-verse 3

Second-half verse 3. Do us both a favor let me off the hook
Maybe I’ll just hang out and curl up with a book
Order up some take-out so I don’t have to cook here tonight
Wrong or right
Count me out

4. Ah baby cause you know I never had the patience for this stuff
I’ve wasted too much time already can’t you see I’ve really had enough
Text me when it’s over call me when it’s through
Tell me that you missed my caustic point of view
Look it’s nothing personal I’m waiting for you here my friend
But till then
Count me out, count me out, count me out, count me out

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