milstein hall loses its barcelona chair

In a stunning, though entirely symbolic, concession to economic pragmatism or, more likely, to mitigate Milstein Hall’s apparent extravagance and elitist sensibility at a time when workers are being laid off and faculty salaries are frozen, Cornell has eliminated the symbolic centerpiece of Rem Koolhaas’s design for its new architecture building: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s iconic Barcelona chair has been rendered out of the official rendering of Milstein’s glass elevator, replaced with a plain vanilla chair.
Misltein before and after loss of Barcelona chair
On the other hand, why one even needs this glass elevator in a two-story building remains unclear: Milstein will be physically connected to two adjacent buildings, both with elevators, so that ADA-mandated access is already available. Can it be that architecture students require the constant stimulation provided by such mechanical contrivances in order to be properly initiated into the wacky world of high design?

elevators connected to Milstein Hall

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