water in rand hall

While Milstein Hall construction has begun, Rand Hall (which will be connected to Milstein Hall, and which will contain mechanical equipment for Milstein Hall) is suffering from neglect. Storm water from two recent rains has backed up in the roof drain pipes and discharged through an eye wash fixture on the second floor, as can be seen in this short video. The water has worked its way down from the second floor into first floor offices (including my own). How is this possible? Somehow, someone has connected the waste pipes from a second-floor water fountain and eye wash fixture directly to the roof drain pipe, instead of connecting them to a sanitary sewer waste line with a proper vent.

One thought on “water in rand hall

  1. s fan

    Thank you for recording this – it made my day! Also brought back fond memories of other exciting Rand Hall adventures – such as the time when the solution to the roof leaking was pouring massive quantities of tar on the roof…much of which flowed to the roof drain, plugging it up big time. The result was – before was better than after.

    Regards and best of luck.


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