Lessons of Revit

I’ve lately been reading, and watching Linda.com tutorials, about Revit, one of the major BIM platforms.

The more I learn about Revit, the more wary I become (although I still think that it’s introduction within architecture curricula, or through workshops, is both inevitable and necessary). The problem is that it may give students the idea (illusion) that a building model produced in Revit somehow corresponds to, or leads to, robust and logical construction. I think of Le Corbusier’s famous passage from Vers une Architecture (but with Revit replacing Rome):

The Lesson of Revit is for wise men, for those who know and can appreciate, who can resist and can verify. Revit is the damnation of the half-educated. To send architecture students to Revit is to cripple them for life.

Le Corbusier's "Rome of Horrors" from Towards a New Architecture.

Le Corbusier’s “Rome of Horrors” from Towards a New Architecture. I’m sure that an analogous “Horrors of Revit” could be produced.

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