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I first starting posting here seven and a half years ago, but it’s just in the past few weeks that I realized that a blog needs a name. So I’ve finally given this blog a real name: Impatient Search.

The name “impatient search” derives from “patient search” this latter phrase is either a website for locating your infirm friends and relatives currently in hospitals, or (and this is what I was thinking) the required attitude or method to adopt if one wants to create something new.

Of course, this is a quality that the architect Le Corbusier famously attributed to himself, as I mention on my impatientsearch website (Creation is a Patient Search is the name of one of his books). In fact, I had the patientsearch.com URL and gave it to my young son, who let it lapse. It was scooped up by some corporate entity and is now for sale. I moved on, having decided that impatient search actually suits me better.

Draw your own conclusions.

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